When you first come into Congress you really don’t know what to expect. What everyday life will be like for you or your spouse. After you have been in Congress for six months, to a year, you learn the rutting and try to get used to the multiple breakfast meetings, days full of meetings in your office, time on the Floor, multiple receptions and dinner meetings where someone always wants something for you to support or do for them. You learn in a short period of time that it starts to wear on you and your spouse physically, mentally and spiritually. That’s where Alabaster House comes in. Once a month or so to get together with other couples of like mind and faith, to break bread, to enjoy each other’s company, to laugh together, share our feelings, talk about our lives away from Congress and pray. No one is there to ask for anything except friendship and relaxing conversation. Let’s just say it’s a wonderful and blessed time of being you. At least that’s what it means to me.

U.S. Congressman Mike Bost, Illinois 

Alabaster House is a community of individuals with a desire to personally support and love members of Congress, their spouses and families.   Founded and led by Kimberly and Randy Genau, Alabaster House has become an oasis of refreshing and renewal for members of Congress and their families.
I have known Randy and Kimberly and their family for over 20 years.  They are dedicated and sincere in their love for those in governmental service.   I have been so encouraged to see the vision of Alabaster House grow as an effective ministry to bring genuine love and appreciation to those who serve on Capitol Hill.

Life is only as good as our relationships. Alabaster House is committed to assist our leaders in support of the most important relationships they have, their marriage and family. Members of Congress are those who have taken on a challenge that most people do not comprehend. The demands on their personal being and family life are extensive. Alabaster House comes alongside members and their spouses with special events, retreats, personal prayer, and friendship to let them know they are loved, appreciated and understood. This give members a safe community in which to be real, to be loved, to be understood and most importantly to know that God loves them.

As a pastor for over 40 years and serving in the DC area for almost 20 years, I can say that Alabaster House is a genuine expression of the love of God on Capitol Hill.  Free from the trap of partisan politics Alabaster House sees our leaders as real people, with real lives, with personal concerns who need a safe and confidential community to surround and support them in their desire to lead well.
Your prayers, financial support, and personal involvement for Alabaster House and their team most certainly impact and improve the good government in these United States of America.

Pastor Guy C. Carey, Life Coach, Mentor, and Spiritual Advisor

My husband, Alan Nunnelee asked me to retire from my job as a school nurse to join him in Washington for the journey of a lifetime. I began from day One looking for other believers, Jesus followers, to keep company with. “Surprised” is an understatement when I describe the pleasant realization I had in finding many sisters and brothers in Christ serving in Congress. While I was basking in the joy of fellowship it also became apparent I had a mission field as well. I knew the Lord would use this time in my life to be a missionary in D.C. Enter Kimberly Genau.

When I think of Alabaster House I am immediately transported back to a cool, crisp and sunny day in the fall of 2011. I was invited there for a luncheon honoring Congressional Spouses. It was apparent when I arrived that day with many other wives we had been intimately prayed for and intricately prepared for. Kimberly welcomed us like we were her family and had a beautiful table setting loaded with delicious food. In addition there was a precious young woman playing guitar and singing. Little did I know what was to follow.  Kimberly proceeded to present a powerful devotional and then invited us all to find a spot on the pastoral property of Alabaster House to spend time in prayer. She did not know my spiritual condition until she came to pray with and for me that day. She discovered I was a committed Christian struggling with unforgiveness towards some people who had deeply hurt me. We prayed. I was released from that bondage of unforgiveness and as I walked away from my praying spot she pointed out I had been sitting right in the middle of the fire pit. I did not leave with a s’more, but I did leave with a dose of sweetness from the Holy Spirit. This scenario has been played over many times with the Genau family continually hosting events for Members of Congress and their spouses.

Kimberly’s compassionate and persistent approach to ministry is one to be awed. She has been relentless in fishing for men and women on Capitol Hill. Her name is synonymous with witness in my mind.  I am so glad God allowed me to witness the faith of a giant when I was privileged to be there. My husband passed away from a brain tumor in February of 2015, but I remain friends with the people I met there and continue to pray for God’s ministry at Alabaster House.

Philippians 4

Tori Nunnelee, wife of U.S. Congressman Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi