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Special promotion

Alabaster House and singer songwriter Connie Wantling have partnered and released a music album of songs, many which have been sung at Alabaster House events.  Become a monthly partner and receive one free CD copy of the album. 

It can be found on iTunes, Apple music, Amazon, Youtube, Spotify and most digital music sites.  You can also purchase a hard copy CD for $12 if you email with your request.  50% of the proceeds are donated to Alabaster House.


Connie Wantling is a local singer and songwriter in the DC area.  She has partnered with Alabaster House, singing at many events, seeking to bring encouragement and the presence of the Lord through song to our government leaders. Her first album, called “Love Story” was released in 2011.  Her latest album “Only Love Remains” was released in early 2018.  She lives with her husband, Doug Wantling, and five children in Maryland. She also works part time as a nurse practitioner.

Connie says:

The songs on this album express the honest struggles we face in life and how to overcome them with God’s perspective through Scripture.  Much of this project was a result of working with Alabaster House.  Singing at Alabaster House events helped to inspire and bring out these songs that were already brewing inside of me from the challenges of life and the longing to see them from an eternal perspective.  My desire is that this project would strengthen and encourage others to look heavenward in all the struggles of life and to remember, as I Corinthians 13 says,  that no matter what we do, without love it is nothing.  For truly, only what is done in love remains.

1 Corinthians 13:13- “These three remain: faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love.”


Support the mission of Alabaster House with a donation (donate with Visa, MasterCard Discover, or PayPal).